Residency Interview Craziness + Much Needed Shoe Eye Candy

Friday, November 18, 2011

We are well and truly in the middle of residency interviews now and this week has been a little crazy (admittedly more so for Nicholas than me). Monday afternoon I drove him to Dulles (about 2 hours from home) so he could fly to NYC for an interview on Tuesday and another on Thursday. Then last night I drove to North Carolina to pick him up at the airport for his interview at Duke today. Some time this upcoming week he has his interview at UVA and I think he's headed back to New York for another interview again on Monday (or maybe Tuesday?). I can't keep up!  All I know is he'll be back in time for me to pick up my sister from the airport on Wednesday and then we're driving to my grandmother's home for Thanksgiving (and my birthday on the 26th!). Between Thanksgiving and Christmas he has another interview (or maybe a couple more) in NYC, one in Texas, another in Virginia, and one in Florida. I have no idea when though!

Although I am absolutely thrilled for him to have so many interviews and I'm so proud of him - this next month and a half is going to be crazy!

I am definitely in need of some fabulous High-Heeled eye candy! (I would say that hubs is too, but somehow I just don't think looking at shoes will help rejuvenate him). Anyways, how stunning at these heels from Alexander McQueen?!

Skulls aren't my usual choice for embellishment, but I love the contradiction between the lacy, almost delicate, look of the laser-cut shoe and the hard crystal skull adorning the toe. Oh, and of course the 5 inch heel!

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