Pick of the Week: Holiday Party Heels

Friday, December 2, 2011

Today's High Heeled Pick is actually several pairs of heels, all from BHLDN.  I think BHLDN is mainly geared towards weddings, but holiday parties are another great reason to get dressed up this time of year.  Any of these heels would be a perfect addition to a holiday party outfit.

These last two pairs don't really fit with the holiday party theme, but I fell in love with them and couldn't leave them out!

I don't know why I like these so much.  Honestly, I initially clicked on these because I thought they were ridiculous, but the more I looked at them I decided they just stepped over that fine line from crazy to being fabulous.

I can't think of any occasion besides walking down the aisle to wear these booties, but I love them anyways.  The satin ribbon in the back is beautiful.  Too bad they weren't around in green a couple years ago or I could have worn them for my wedding!

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  1. I neeed the polka dots ones! Omigosh, so cute!

    Hope you're doing well.




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