A Fabulous Fever

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I had so many other things I planned to do with my time over the past week (like blog posts for one...), but last Wednesday I decided to start reading Karen Marie Moning's Fever Series.  I haven't been able to put it down since!  Although I still absolutely love my nook, my newest obsession is audio books.  I love being able to listen to a book while I'm getting other things done.  I've been carrying my macbook or iphone around the house/in the car with me nonstop since I began the first book.  I am obsessed!  Right now I'm about halfway through the last book, Shadowfever, (which I started yesterday) and I think the only time I'm not listening to it is when I'm at work, class, or sleeping. 

{images via bn.com}

 Has anyone else read these books?

Fashion for Nails

Friday, March 25, 2011

While buying paint at the art supplies store the other day another customer asked me how I kept my nails so nice.  My first reaction was to look and see if there was anyone else around - she couldn't possibly be talking about me.  My nails are pretty much never painted and although I keep them filed I have a terrible habit of picking at my cuticles when they get dry (which in turn only makes them dryer and I mess with them even more...downward spiral type situation).  I have always wanted to be one of those girls who consistently have pretty polished nails, but since I am constantly painting and creating any nail polish tends to get speckled with paint and/or chipped within hours of it's application and not too much later I have chipped nail polish on every finger and my hands look they should belong to an angsty teenager, rather than someone in their mid-twenties.

If I were able to maintain a manicure, I would love any of these:




That last image reminds me of OPI's Chic Prints for Nails that I see on my frequent trips to Sephora.  I am always tempted to try them out, but never too sure if it will turn out fabulous or a complete disaster.

Has anyone tried these?

If I do decide to try my luck at keeping my nails painted my absolute favorite polish is this silvery hue from Zoya.  I think it makes my nails look like metal (although I'm not quite sure why I find that attractive...)

What's your favorite way to dress up your nails?

Anthropologie Does Weddings

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So it's very possible that I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I just discovered Anthropologie's wedding site - BHLDN.  I am in LOVE.  Just as you would expect from Anthro everything at BHLDN feels whimsical, beautiful, and a little vintage inspired.  I must admit I have a serious weakness for anything that reminds me of vintage romance and nearly everything here does.

Clockwise from top left:  Flouncy Peep-Toes, Torsade Peep Toes, Bow-Topped Slingbacks, Brocade D'Orsay Heels

Clockwise from top left:  Twinkling Agate Brooch, Pendulum Drops, Deco Posts, Floating Water Necklace

Although BHLDN is obviously geared towards brides, I could still see shopping there for other occasions (clearly bypassing the wedding gowns...)

Case in point - I am seriously lusting after the Gin Fizz Shift.  It's definitely a little short, but just looks completely adorable with flats, and how fabulous is the back!  Why do I have absolutely no reason to purchase this lovely dress?!

What do y'all think of BHLDN?

{all images via bhldn.com}

The Return

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hi there blog friends! I have missed the blog world so much and I am finally returning! So sorry for my four month disappearance. I have been trying to write this post for nearly a month now and couldn't figure out what to say. So - here's what's been going on with me. (Disclaimer: I know I have a natural tendency to be incredibly slightly dramatic and I have tried to tone it down, but bear with me…)

I had what I've decided to refer to as a mid-twenties crisis back in November and sort of holed up in my own little world with Nicholas and the Furs while trying to figure out what to do with myself. Basically I realized that I was completely miserable with the current direction (or complete lack thereof) that my life was beginning to take.

Among several reasons, the main reason was that I felt as if I was just passing time in a job I pretty much despised until hubs graduated medical school, we moved to wherever he will do his residency, and then I would do…I have no idea what. I'll be honest - I have never had big career aspirations. It's not that I have strong feelings about wanting/not wanting a career…it's just that I haven't come across a career I want to pursue. I've always known that sitting in an office from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday would make me miserable and the thought of obtaining another accounting job in an office while hubs is doing his residency makes my stomach turn. At the risk of sounding to much like a quote you might find on tumblr - life is just way too short to waste any of it feeling like I am just 'passing time' to get to the next big thing.

So, after spending too much time feeling depressed I realized it was definitely time to break out of my funk and make a serious change - I decided accounting and I had a good run, but it was time to part ways and pursue something more creative instead. I didn't fully quit my job (there was someone else leaving in my already under-staffed department and for whatever reason I would have felt guilty about quitting completely), but I am now only working part-time three days a week. While I would love to spend all day just creating art - I needed something a little more realistic at the moment so I started taking a couple graphic design classes in January. I am really loving it so far and it totally satisfies my need for creativity and my inner computer nerd!

On the topic of creativity - I am so sorry for disappearing before announcing the winner of my etsy giveaway!! That was during probably the worst of my mid-twenties crisis. Although I really do want to re-visit my etsy shop, it is on hold for now. However, only a few months late…the winner was entry #14, fontgirl, and if she's interested I will definitely send her whichever necklace she wants. (Just email and let me know.)

Some other (much more cheerful) things that happened in my life while I was gone:

I turned 25 in November. Hubs and I were visiting my sister in NYC for Thanksgiving and were also there for my 25th. So much fun!

At the end of December hubs and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! We took a quick trip to Charleston to celebrate (hubs had never been - can you believe it?!) and had such a great time. Nicholas is officially our vacation hotel finder and once again he found us a wonderful place to stay. A super cute little inn right off of King Street.  I love to be close to the shopping...

Darling hubs also ordered an anniversary cake for us since we didn't save the top of our wedding cake.  (I have an aversion to year old dessert...)

The bakery did a pretty good color/design match to our wedding cake with hubs' description over the phone.

I have missed the blog world so much and I'm so excited to be back in action!  I can't wait to catch up on all y'alls blogs too!


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