Wonderful Watercolors

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

As a Florida girl I really shouldn't be complaining about the heat in Virginia - but lately it has been HOT!  Between the warm weather and June being just a day away it's really starting to feel like summer...and for some reason this has me completely inspired by watercolors.  Not the dreamy pastels, but bright, beautiful hues in designs that stand out and demand attention.  I think the bright colors combined with the light, airy feeling of watercolors (which is totally what you need to combat the sweltering summer heat) make these perfect inspirations for this time of year.

{1} via Matchbook Magazine's Art board on Pinterest {2} Devon Baer Designs Watercolor Necklace {3} Peter Pilotto Aks Dress {4} Bluebellgray Modernity Pillow {5} Jenny Bevlin Watercolor Flower Phone Case {6} ALDO Dhruva Wallet {7} Shirley Trevena Pink Flowers on the Terrace {8} Tibi Stained Glass Garden Dress {9} JumpingJackDesgins Note Cards {10} Bluebellgray Paint Pillow

It could also be that I'm taking a painting class in acrylics right now (which I LOVE) and it's making me take notice of anything painted around me.  I would love to learn how to paint with watercolor (beyond the watercolor paintings of my elementary school days).  I've worked with gouache (opaque watercolor) before, but only in design class so I have no idea how to get those beautiful watercolor strokes.

Love these Kate Spade watercolor design plates!

via Bloomingdales and Nordstrom

Do any of y'all paint with watercolors (or just love them right now like me)?

Current Obsession: Digital Magazines

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am obsessed with online magazines.  While I'm still not completely convinced they can replace the delight of  holding a printed magazine with it's beautifully glossy pages in my hand, I might be warming to the idea.  Since I usually dog-ear magazine pages of websites to visit and things to buy online when I'm reading a magazine in print I love the ease of just clicking on the picture in a digital magazine and going directly to the website.  Reading online also cuts down all the inspiration pages I tear out of magazines before recycling them!

These are some of the wonderful digital magazines I've come across so far:

{1}Trad Home {2} High Gloss {3} Rue {4} Lonny {5} House of Fifty {6} Ivy & Piper {7} Matchbook {8} Adore

Some of my favorite inspirations from the recent issues of High Gloss and Matchbook.

via High Gloss

via High Gloss

via High Gloss

via High Gloss

via High Gloss

via Matchbook

via Matchbook

via Matchbook

What magazines do y'all read online?

Orange Crush

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lately I have been crushing on orange. It's not a color I really ever consider wearing or decorating with - in fact I probably haven't worn anything orange since my high school cheerleading uniform - but ever since the Kate Spade May color of the month email I've found myself taking notice of things in this warm, bright hue. Being an FSU alum I have a bit of an aversion to orange (as it is so often paired with blue) and I refuse to wear anything that could be considered Gator colors. Even still I am finding myself drawn to adding little pops of orange in decorating/accessorizing.

{1} Furbish Orange Capiz Lotus {2} Asos Oversized Floppy Straw Hat {3} Jonathan Adler Enamel Curve Frame {4} Furbish Zebra Bracelet {5} Tinley Road Coral Flower Stud Earrings {6} Isharya Bangles {7} Kate Spade Shady Side Magazine Tote {8} Oly Bubble Vases {9} Furbish Coral Bead Starfish Earrings {10} Jonathan Adler Lacquer Hexagon Tray

 This dress makes me want to love orange.  Those sleeves!!

Mason, Med School, and Art

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The past week has been a busy one in our house and I didn't have time to blog - so here's a quick recap.   Sunday was Mason's first birthday!

Mason when we found him at the SPCA (only 7 weeks old!)

1 year old Mason

 Last week I turned in my final projects and officially finished my first semester of graphic design classes! I could not be happier with my decision to part ways with accounting and pursue a more creative field. I'm starting summer classes next week and I can hardly wait. Here is one of my favorite projects I made this semester.

I'm not sure why I like it so much since the colors aren't really my faves (there's no green...), but it's just so bright and cheerful.  It reminds me of Florida.

Nicholas started his fourth year of med school yesterday! I can't believe this is his last year and before we know it we'll be packing up and heading somewhere else for residency.

All of this commotion completely wore out the Poe Cat...

DIY Bedroom Makeoever

Friday, May 6, 2011

Recently I decided I was bored to tears of our bedroom furniture.  Our furniture is my bedroom set from college and when I originally bought it I had a completely different decorating theme in mind.  Anyways, I decided to makeover our current furniture for a different look. 

(Poe Cat refused to let me take the picture without him...)

(This was taken in our old apartment and I just happened to have it around - I never remember to take before shots!)

My first thought was that the slats on our headboard had to go.  Since they were kind of inset in the headboard I thought it wouldn't be too difficult to make something to just fit in there to cover them.  I painted some designs that looked similar to our duvet cover on gray fabric, used foamcore to make the shape of the space I was filling, and then covered it with batting and my painted fabric.  Before attaching it to the headboard I spray painted the headboard black.

Close-ups of my painting

For the nightstands I just sanded them down and used a brush to paint them black, then put a couple coats of clear glossy varnish over the black paint.  I'm still looking for knobs and pulls I like for the nightstands, but in the meantime I painted the ones already there silver.

My next task was the lamps.  I took everything off the lampshade frames and recovered them with turquoise fabric.  I had NO idea what I was doing, but I decided to wing it and somehow it worked out...

Before and After

For a final touch on the bed I bought plain cream colored pillow shams and used fabric paint once again to paint our last initial on them.  When I was finished with everything I still felt like it was missing something...art above the bed.  I love cameos and thought that would be fun with the vintage feel of our doily printed duvet.  I found some pictures with profile views of me and hubs, along with a couple pictures of the Furs and using the pen tool in illustrator traced around our profiles.  Then I printed the outlines and used them as a guide to make the actual paintings.

I had a very specific idea in mind for picture frames and had a time trying to find what I was wanted.  After a couple weeks of fruitless searching I decided the only option was to figure out a way to make them myself.  I headed to Michaels and came up with my plan.  I used sheets of black craft foam to cut out the frame and then painted them using a coat of black paint and several glossy coats of varnish to achieve the look I wanted.

They're not perfect, but I have to say I felt like tooting my own horn after finishing this one.  I have such an obsession with diy/art projects that all I could think when I was done is...what should I makeover next?

Anyone else love diy?  Where do you get inspirations?

Perfectly Pink

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Does anyone else think that Pantone's 2011 color of the year, Honeysuckle, is the perfect shade of pink?  It's so bright and happy (like there could be an unhappy shade of pink...), but it's not in your face like magenta.  It's a natural choice for summer and I can't wait to see it paired with fall color schemes.

I want all three of these dresses with honeysuckle color schemes!

Is anyone else enamored with Honeysuckle pink?


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