Pink and Green Wishlist

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I realized last week that I haven't played along with Trish's Pink and Green Thursday in forever!  My blog has definitely been missing it's weekly dose of extra pink and green.

{1}Lilly Pulitzer Picture Perfect Espadrille {2}Tarina Tarantino Large Beaded Lucite Bracelets {3}J. Crew Stripe Blouson Silk Crepe de Chine Dress {4}Christopher Kane Laser-cut Leather Clutches {5}Adam Embroidered Cotton Dress {6}K. Jacques Sandals {7}J Brand Skinny Jeans {8}Elva Fields Clarion and Carefree {9}Fevi Reyes Pink Enameled Sparkling Lotus Earrings

What's on your pink and green wishlist?

I Need Coffee Table Advice!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I need opinions/advice!  Lately I've been trying to add a bit more style to our living room (I like what I have going on in there, but it still feels a little unfinished).  One place that glares at me and screams boring every time I look at the room is our coffee table.  It's an empty canvas with absolutely nothing on it right now (except for a certain black cat).  I want to give it some style, but don't want it to look cluttered.

images via {1}Lonny {2}Strikes our Fancy (Matchbook Mag on Tumblr) {3}Everything Fabulous {4}Lonny {5}Mackenzie Pages {6}blue hydrangea {7}IKEA Hackers {8}House Beautiful

I think using a decorative tray on the table seems like a good start. (Although then I have to come up with something to put on it). I have a white tray that I bought for some unknown reason at Target a couple years ago.  So far I've painted yellow chevron stripes inside, but I'm thinking about painting the outside yellow.  I can't decide if it still feels too boring with the outside white or if painting the outside yellow would look obnoxious.  Or maybe I should find another (quieter) accent color for the outside.  Thoughts?

I never really considered putting anything with too much height on it (tall vase, picture frame, etc.) but I've seen several pictures with these that I like.

I've got to come up with something, otherwise the Poe Cat will remain our only coffee table decoration...and although I happen to think he's pretty adorable - he doesn't add too much in the way of style or color to the room.

What do you keep on your coffee table?

Cobalt Confections

Friday, June 24, 2011

Although green is definitely my all time favorite color (and occasionally I have to remind myself that I cannot wear it every day and I really shouldn't decorate every room in our home green)...cobalt is another of my favorite colors to wear and decorate with.  It's bright and shocking enough to make a statement, but can totally be subdued depending on what you pair with it (although I can't really imagine why anyone would want to do the latter...)
{1}Asos Portfolio Envelope Clutch {2}via cococozy {3}Rag & Bone Cropped Skinny Jeans {4}Reiss Saffron Gathered Panelled Waist Dress {5}Fishs Eddy Cobalt Cake Stand {6}via swisslady {7}Coast Ellis Dress {8}driftwoodinteriors Ginger Jar Art Print {9}Kate Spade Ole Espadrille {10}Janna Conner Cobalt Jade Ring

I obviously love cobalt walls (picture above is from our living room), but it can be a little dark if the room doesn't get enough light.  If that's the case I adore the idea of adding a piece of bright cobalt furniture.

images via {1}luphia loves {2}things we love {3}Best Home Gallery {4}Style at Home {5}HGTV {6}re-nest {7}The Glam Lamb

I'm particularly obsessed with that coffee table!

Seriously Simple Earring DIY + Blog Award

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I feel naked if I leave the house without earrings.  I pretty much only wear post earrings and I love to have tons of colors so I can pick up different colors in my outfit.  During my jewelry making frenzy this weekend I whipped up several pairs of these adorable (and brightly colored!) resin earrings.

They were super simple and quick to make.

I bought the resin flowers from snapcrafty and picked up several pairs of sterling plated earring backs and the adhesive at a bead store in town.  A drop or two of the bead glue on the earring back was all it took to hold the flower in place.  This stuff is pretty quick drying too - but I also discovered it also adheres to skin (I guess because it's pretty much just super glue). 

images via snapcrafty

The fabulous Ivana from Style in the City gave me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award earlier this week.  To play along I'm sharing seven random facts about me.

Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day and Happy 8th Birthday to the Poe Cat!  I thought about celebrating by making the Poe Cat wear some Lilly - but I just don't see that working out.  I'll be wearing Lilly though!

Pretty and Pink

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Friday!  I had an actual blog post planned for today, but I woke up with a horrible sinus headache that no amount of tylenol, advil, and sudafed will seem to cure.  Needless to say, I haven't really had a chance to finish up my post.  Instead I thought I would share this lovely Prabal Gurung for J. Crew top that I have been lusting over since I first saw it a few weeks ago.

Isn't it gorgeous?!

It's beautiful on her in this cream color too.  That color doesn't play too nicely with my skin tone though, so I think I'll stick to lusting after the neon pink fabulousness above.

Beautiful Beads and Baubles

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've been in a jewelry making frenzy over the last couple days and last night I realized all my new creations put me in the mood to reorganize my jewelry storage.  Right now it's semi-organized, but definitely in need of some revamping.  While I'm coming up with my plan I thought I'd share some of the fabulous inspirations I've found.

images via {1} Curbly {2}Lobster and Swan {3}Greige Design 

images via {1}Bloom Baby {2}Rue

images via {1}Arianna Belle on flickr {2}Love and Lace {3}pinterest via Sarabeth Moore

I love how all the jewelry in these pictures is organized, but still on display.  One of the biggest problems I've run into is unless I can see it I forget about it and it's never worn.  Besides, jewelry is so pretty - why not put it on display?

Does anyone have any pretty and practical jewelry storage ideas?  How do you store your jewelry?

I Need a Shot of Color

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lately I've been going through one of those times where I'm thinking dark, ugly thoughts frustrated with med school. The current rotation hubs is on has him gone before I get up in the morning and not getting home at night until around 9. Of course by the time he arrives home he's totally exhausted too. I was feeling especially irritated last night when I realized that although this is his last week on this rotation - his next one will have him in North Carolina for a month! Not cool! Anyways - enough wallowing. My mood needs some serious brightening and I've decided to do it with a shot of brightly colored lemon.

{1}via Maiga Dibbern prints board {2}Beaded Wrap Bracelet {3}silverliningdecor Vintage Bright Yellow Glass Jewel Earrings {4}Maxmara Pianoforte Silk Chiffon Sleeveless Dress {5}Topshop Lemon Skinny Patent Belt {6}Theory Lynie Short {7}Tory Burch Roslyn Satchel {8}MiCasaBella Ikat Pillow CoverYellow Skirt {9}Gemma Milly Yellow Skirt {10}Madewell Striped Artisan Tee {11}Theory Nickela Cropped PantSilk and Cotton-blend Dress {12}Adam Silk and Cotton-blend dress {13}Asos Boxy Flat Lock Clutch {14}Mystique Sandals {15}Pie Bird Press Print via Kate Spade {16}Jonathan Adler Batik Zebra Rocks Glass {17}David Downton illustration via Colour My World

 via myvintagevogue on flickr, HGTV, and apartment therapy

Color is such a good pick-me-up!  What helps brighten your mood?


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