Jewelry Obsession: Lauren Wimmer

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I've recently been introduced to the jewelry designs of Lauren Wimmer and I've got to say I am obsessed!  Seriously I had such a difficult time narrowing down my faves to just a few items to feature here that I was worried my image below would be too large.  She has a background in fine arts and takes inspiration from different periods of art.  Being equally in love with history, art, and jewelry I am head over heels for her designs!

1. Nerissa Necklace  2. Desdemona Bracelet  3. Sasha Necklace  4. Maureen Earrings  5. Mimi Wire Earrings  6. Gersemi Pendant  7. Ingrid Ring  8. Adele Bracelet  9. Daphne Bracelet  10. Mimi Post Earrings  11. Ingrid Ring  12. Jolie Post Earrings  13. Liana Bracelet  14. Odile Necklace  15. Vivian Necklace  16. Freya Ring  17. Mimi Post Earrings  18. Margo Necklace  19. Egg Drop Necklace  20. Dore Earrings  21. Frog Cuff  22. Calypso Necklace  23. Beatrice Earrings  24. Hedea Earrings  25. Anatola Bracelet

Lauren has three different collections: strung, wrapped, and cast. Her "Strung" collection of beaded jewelry features prominently with clusters of fresh water pearls and rock crystal clusters accented with semi precious stones, sterling silver, 14-karat gold, bone, wood, horn, and glass in unusual and variant colors and shapes. The "Wrapped" collection features hand-dyed silk ribbon wrapped around hollow tube rings to form bibs, chains, and convertible pieces. The "Cast" collection draws from the textures and palettes of overgrown gardens. (descriptions from her website)  

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  1. Love the jewellery (forgive my European spelling). Rings are so pretty, especially number 16. Would compliment an engagement ring on the other hand in yellow gold. Love the pieces



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