River Rock Earring DIY

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Earrings are one of my favorite things to DIY, but since I really only wear post earrings (or are they called studs?) I like to find unique items to use so they don't all look the same.  For some reason last week I was hit with a sudden inspiration to use little rocks from the stream in our backyard.  I love the organic shape of the rocks and it just struck me that now I will have a little piece of Virginia with me when we move to Brooklyn (it's cheesy, but I said it anyways).

These earrings were really simple to make.  I collected several little rocks (so I could play around with them and see which ones I liked together) and then just to be on the safe side I boiled them for 5 or 10 minutes. 

Once they were clean and dry I grabbed a couple scrap pieces of foam core to hold my earring backs in place.  A drop of Bead Fix (or probably any superglue would work) on each post then I put my rocks and place and let the glue dry.  You just set them on the glue - no need to press and hold them in place. 

I also made a pair in gold!  The only thing I did differently for these was to use a Krylon Gold Leaf Pen on the rocks before glueing them to the earring backs.



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