Match Day Results!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Match Day was Friday and I am happy to say that things turned out perfectly! Nicholas matched at his first choice program for next year - which means we are moving to Brooklyn in 2 ½ months!

What a nerve-wracking process! Each person in the class was called to pick up their envelope (and a glass of champagne) and then we had to wait until everyone had their envelope to open ours. Since (being me) I didn't remember a camera (wasn't that supposed to be one of my new year's resolutions?), I will post pictures once I see if I can procure some from our friends/super fab neighbors (he's in hubs class and his wife actually did bring a camera).

In the meantime I have moved on to now freaking out about the fact that we have 2 ½ months to find an apartment, sell one of our cars, and organize and pack all our stuff (getting rid of about half of it probably since I imagine we’ll be going from a 3/3 to a 1/1)! Still - I'm so excited! I’ve decided I now need this bracelet.

I hope anyone else who matched (or had a significant other match) on Friday was as thrilled as wer were with the results.

Colorful Time

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Top Row: ASOS Patent Color Watch in Pink | Blue | Yellow (their website calls this green, but I'm not seeing it - maybe chartreuse?)
Bottom Row: ASOS Pastel Jelly Watch in Purple (looks pink to me) | Blue | Green

I love these colorful watches from ASOS.  Since I am not so patiently waiting for Match Day tomorrow a quick post on these pretty watches seems perfect.

Match Week

Monday, March 12, 2012

I have been kind of MIA from my blog lately because the only thing I can think about is Match Day this Friday. For anyone who isn't familiar with Match Day, my (I'm sure very untechnical) explanation is that it's the day the 4th year medical students across the country find out where they will be doing their residency. Today (at noon) med students received an email letting them know if they matched, but we won't know where until Friday. There are a few specialties whose match results are released earlier, like ophthalmology which I mentioned here that my hubby is going into and matched in January. (Side note - I'm also pretty sure I spelled ophthalmology wrong in that post...oops. I suppose the correct spelling of your spouse's career is one of those important things you should probably know...)

While we were incredibly excited back in January to find out Nicholas matched into an ophtho residency in Brooklyn, we've had to wait to find out where he matched for his intern year (the first year of residency aka where we will be moving in three months)! We are, of course, hoping it will be Brooklyn so we can move there right away - but there is a chance we may be somewhere else for a year first! Needless to say it has been DRIVING ME CRAZY. I feel like I can't move forward or start really getting myself (and all our stuff) prepared to move.

In the meantime - how pretty is this?!

I could make up some crazy reason to tie it into my post, but really I just don't like posts without pictures and I fell in love with this when I saw it on Pinterest a couple weeks ago.

Tangerine Denim

Friday, March 2, 2012

1. DELIAS Britt Low-Rise Skinny Jean   2. J BRAND 811 Ankle Skinny Jeans  3. MAISON SCOTCH Parisienne Skinny Jean  4. BLANKNYC Skinny Jeans  5. J.CREW Toothpick Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans  6. VINCE DENIM Skinny Ankle Jeans  7. TOPSHOP Moto Coral Baxter Jeans  8. J BRAND Mid Rise Skinny Jeans   9. JOE'S JEANS The Skinny

I love colored denim.  My closet is full of denim in colors like bright green, cobalt blue, and a fabulous pair of practically neon pink jeans from Lilly Pulitzer.  The next bright pair of denim I'm adding to my mix will definitely be in a tangerine hue. Although I really hate to put orange and blue together, a faded chambray shirt and pretty nude pumps do seem like a perfect pair to make a great outfit with orange denim.


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