Beating the Summer Heat

Monday, June 25, 2012

I've discovered something about New York in the's seriously hot! I know that seems like an obvious statement, and pretty stupid coming from someone who grew up in the South, but between no central a/c and walking pretty much everywhere I go it's like there's just no break from the heat. My usual summertime, super-casual running errands outfit of jeans, a tank, and a cardigan (perfect for going from my airconditioned home, to my airconditioned car, to whatever airconditioned place I was headed where I would most definitely be cold) is so not going to cut it here. I need to seriously increase the amount of shorts in my wardrobe. Luckily, there are tons of adorable summer shorts!

Prints and Patterns: LILLY PULITZER Walsh Short, RAG & BONE Biba Short, LILLY PULITZER Walsh Short
Colorful: MADEWELL Double-Dutch Shorts, TOPSHOP Lace Running Shorts, J. CREW 3" Chino Short
Cut-offs: SPLENDID Cut-off Denim Shorts, CURRENT/ELLIOTT Boyfriend Short
Striped: MADEWELL Picket-stripe Clover Shorts, MADEWELL Bungalow Stripe Panorama Shorts, J. CREW Nautical Stripe Short

Where is your favorite place to get cute summer shorts?


  1. I basically live in JCrew shorts in the summer. They fit me perfectly!

  2. I've managed to amass a somewhat ridiculous collection of shorts in the past year or so between Lilly shorts and J.Crew chinos..but I love them so much, I just can't help it!! I'm dying for those lace running shorts, so awesome!!

  3. I love all of these shorts options! Kinda dying over those Madewell striped ones!



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