Branching Out: Nature-Inspired Jewelry Holders

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One side effect of having a jewelry-making hobby is that I have tons of jewelry...which I then have to find places to store! I love jewelry trees and for people with a lack of surface space (like me!) I adore branch inspired wall hooks. Something about the organic look of branches paired with pretty, sparkling jewelry makes me want to never use a jewelry box again.

My current jewelry storage consists of a few wall hooks (I have #2 below), several bowls and dishes, two (or three?) jewelry boxes, and a couple of jewelry trees (ok - and there's also some more jewelry stored in my vanity). It looked pretty and well organized in Virginia, but since we've moved it's looking less organized and more like a cluttery mess.  Definitely time to rethink my jewelry storage - so I've gathered some inspiration.

1. HEART NOT INCLUDED Gold Painted Jewelry Tree | 2. URBAN OUTFITTERS Branch Hooks | 3. URBAN OUTFITTERS Little Birch Jewelry Stand | 4. ANTHROPOLOGIE Wish Tree Jewelry Holder | 5. SAN PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL Jewelry Tree and Nest Stand | 6. RIANRAE Manzanita Tree | 7. TARGET Jewelry Tree Display | 8. WEST ELM Cast Metal Jewelry Tree | 9. HEART NOT INCLUDED Red Jewelry Tree | 10. MANZALISA Manzanita Jewelry Tree Stand

DIY Trees can be found at Shades of Tangerine and Gadora Wilder

Have any of y'all ever made a DIY jewelry tree? I know obviously lots of people have done it, but the idea of bringing an actual stick into our bedroom kind of weirds me out (aka - what about the possibility of creepy, crawly bugs that live on my new stick?). I would love to hear any experience/opinions!

What do you do with your jewelry?


  1. Oh my goodness I absolutely love this. I might have to DIY one for my jewelry. xo

  2. Anyone wants a jewelry tree that isn't DIY but high quality and classic appeal go to



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