Colorful Skinny Belts

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Colorful Skinny Belts

Last weekend, as I was tearing through my wardrobe trying to find something to wear to dinner, I realized one thing I was seriously missing - colorful skinny belts. For someone who has a ton of belts and loves color, I only have one (yes, one!) belt that isn't of the black/brown/grey/navy variety.

Belts are such a great way to change up an outfit, and since I'm petite they are also a great way to give shape to looser fitting tops that look awesome on other people, but can tend to overwhelm a petite frame and generally look sack-like.

I went online the next day to commence my colorful skinny belt search and came across tons of options at J.Crew and ASOS. I found a few here and there at other sites, but these two seemed to have the most variety. Do y'all know of anywhere else to find skinny belts in fun colors?

j.crew (right side): patent leather skinny belt in neon persimmon, dusty jade, and festival blue | leather round-buckle belt in spiced chartreuse, mint, iced lilac, and bright fuchsia

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  1. What gorgeous colours!! I knew J. Crew had a super selection but I didn't realize all the shade options at ASOS, on my way to check them all out!



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