DIY Art: Ombre Chevron Braided Paper

Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY Ombre Chevron Braided Paper

I have been trying to figure out what to put on my art/gallery in our living room, so when I came across this paper braiding tutorial I thought doing it in red/turquoise with an ombre effect would be a fun addition to the wall!

Paper in three shades/tints of whatever color you are using (I used scrapbook paper/cardstock)
Adhesive (I used a Martha Stewart glue pen)
Xacto blade (or scissors)

Begin by using your xacto (or scissors) and ruler to cut half inch strips of each color of paper.

Using a tiny bit of glue, adhere one white strip and one strip of your lightest color to the second white strip. Then, glue the other lightest color strip across (and on top of) the two strips you just glued down.

Starting on the left, fold the white strip over the colored strip on the same side (Make sure it lines up with the strips on the right). Then, repeat on the right side. Continue folding until you have the desired length of the first color. (I did four chevrons in the lightest color).

To switch colors, cut off the first color excess paper (leaving about a quarter inch past the end of your last colored chevron). Then, glue a strip of the middle color to the remaining portion of the first (making sure to line the newly glued strips up with the white strips.

Continue braiding as before until you reach the desired length of the second color and then repeat the same step to switch to the third color. Depending on the length of your white paper, you may need to add another strip of white paper halfway through.

When you reach the end, use a little glue to hold your strips in place, then cut off the excess paper.

After I finished all the braiding, I used double sided tape to adhere my strips to a piece of Bristol paper cut to the size of my frame (mine was 10 x 13) . To make sure everything is centered, begin by marking where the center strip will go and placing it first, then work out from there.

To finish, flip the paper over and cut off anything hanging over the edges.  If there are any flaps of paper at the top or bottom not staying put, just fix them with a little glue.

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  1. wow Emily.. This is beautiful.. I am pinning it and sharing on my facebook. Have a nice weekend Genius! :)

  2. I've never seen paper braiding before! How cool! I love the colors and the ombre effect too, it's so pretty. Beautiful! I would love if you shared this at my Throwback Thursday party. I hope to see you there and thanks for sharing!

  3. This interesting topic is discussed with great seriousness, I learned a lot from these few lines in any case, thank you give time to your readers.



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