Ready for Gameday

Thursday, August 30, 2012

1 RYSARUTH Erin Dress | 2 RYSARUTH FSU Gameday Dress | 3 MUD PIE Gameday Dress | 4 JACK ROGERS Navajo | 5 FLIRTIES Daizie Post Earrings in Gold/Garnet and Garnet/Gold | 6 GAMEDAY BANGLES Peek-a-Boo Stripe in Gold/Garnet and Garnet/Gold | 7 EMMA GRAHAM Allie Dress

College football season officially kicks off tonight.  To be honest I only know this because hubs has been giving almost daily updates (for months) of the days remaining until college football begins.  Even though our Noles aren't playing until Saturday, today seemed like a good day to scour the web for adorable gameday attire!

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