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Thursday, August 16, 2012

1. MOLESKINE Volant Notebooks | 2. MONDIAL LUS FOR TOP HAT Pushpins | 3. JUICY COUTURE USB Pyramid Bracelet | 4. KATE'S PAPERIE Mini Sticky Note Block | 5. MODCLOTH Pack the Trunk Paperclips | 6. MODCLOTH Task at Handy Set in Success | 7. SHARPIE Fine Markers, Set of 24 | 8. MUJI Colored Pencil Set | 9. URBAN OUTFITTERS Graphic Notebook | 10. DELFONICS FOR TOP HAT Flat Pen and Pencil Case | 11. PAPERTHINKS Recycled Leather Notebooks | 12. SEE JANE WORK Sticky Tab Dividers | 13. URBAN OUTFITTERS Fluorescent Highlighter Pencil | 14. THE CONTAINER STORE Number Paper Clips | 15. URBAN OUTFITTERS High Stylers Highlighter

I came across these pretty Moleskine Volant notebooks (#1) while browsing for organization ideas on the Container Store site the other day. Since I already have way too many notebooks/sketchbooks I really have no reason to buy them, but it got me thinking - I miss shopping for back to school supplies! Did anyone else absolutely love selecting all the pretty, colorful new school supplies and then arranging them in their bag before the first day, or am I just a complete nerd?

I seriously want that Juicy Couture USB bracelet and the fluorescent highlighter pencils!


  1. Shopping for 'back to school' supplies was always my fav thing to do the week before school started and lucky for me, I get to do it all over again with my kiddos. I make a beeline for anything pretty and brightly-coloured while my kids go for the more pastel or subdued tones but I figure an extra notebook or coloured pencil can't hurt so I pick up a few 'supplies' for my own stash!

  2. Oooh--I'd love that entire stack of colored notebooks! This is good motivation for cleaning my office. ;)



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