Pretty Packages

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pretty Packages

Wallpaper* Marou Chocolate (image via thedieline) | Marvis Toothpaste | Lucia Sea Watercress & Chai Tea Soy Candle | Lucia Fresh Fig & Wild Ginger Soy Candle | Lucia Eucalyptus & Gardenia Soy Candle

I am a sucker for pretty packaging. If I see something in a pretty package I will definitely stop to look at it and more than likely end up taking it home with me. I love to be surrounded by pretty things (really, who doesn't?) and since we have very little storage space in our closet-sized apartment there are a lot of things out in the open. I mean seriously, I would so much rather see one of those beautiful tubes of toothpaste next to the bathroom sink than a tube of the regular (un-pretty) stuff.

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