Hurricanes + Halloween

Monday, October 29, 2012

image from a hurricane that hit NYC is 1938 via NASA

Hurricane Sandy has us all snuggled up inside our apartment for the next couple days. Well, I'm snuggled up with the furs and hubs headed for the hospital before the break of dawn this morning. I'm hoping he's not stuck there until tomorrow!

With Halloween just a couple days away (and me with nothing to do but stay inside today) I put together a pretty masquerade costume for inspiration! I have such an obsession with masquerades. They're beautiful, mysterious, and often a little bit creepy - in my opinion perfect for Halloween. Oh - and while I was looking for a pretty mask I came across a great DIY version from Sprinkles in Spring. Seriously I think this lady is a genius for coming up with this. I want to make one even if I don't have a masquerade to attend!

Not Without Heels: Masquerade

1 comment:

  1. What a glamorous masquerade look! I hope you're all safe and warm and have power.



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