Style Confession: Crazy About Lavender Hair

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not Without Heels: Crazy About Lavender Hair
My newest crazy style obsession is lavender hair. Realistically, I wouldn't dye all of my hair any non-natural color (my mom is reading this post and probably just took a huge sigh of relief), but I have thought of trying something temporary on the last few inches. Maybe either Kevin Murphy Color Bug or hair chalking. Has anyone tried either of these?

What are your thoughts on lavender hair?

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  1. I've thought about this and love the look of hair chalk but I have dark brown hair also and to think about bleaching the tips just to get the temporary color to show up is such a turn off. :(

  2. I love this- wish I could pull it off in real life!

    Life Unsweetened



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