Rock Collection

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rock Candy Lamps: Tangerine Calcite | Swimming Pool

Lately I have found myself drawn to all sorts of pretty rocks and gemstones. I love their organic shapes and the variety of beautiful colors. Such a fun and unique addition to jewelry or home decor! And seriously - how cool are those rock soaps?!

Irresistible Illustrations

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One of my projects last semester was to redesign a book cover.  Before deciding which direction I wanted to go with my own cover, I headed to the Book Cover Archive to get a little inspiration - and fell completely in love with Gabriele Wilson's designs. While there are lots of beautiful covers she has created, I am particularly enamored with her collection for the Poetry Society's Chapbook series.  I'll be honest - I don't read poetry (I always wanted to like it but it's just not my thing) and I have no idea what a chapbook is but regardless I found myself wanting to buy all of them just for their lovely covers!

Tangerine + Butter

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday!  Since I haven't yet done a post with Pantone's 2012 Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango, I thought I would find some pretty heels in that red-orange hue for this week's pick. My post started out as the usual yay it's Friday, let's look at pretty shoes; however, while I was searching around I came across this yummy looking recipe for Tangerine Butter cookies and when I decided to use a couple pairs of Tangerine-colored shoes from Butter I was inspired to find more things with this combination! (Wow that is a seriously rambling run on sentence.)

Tangerine Butter Cookies | Butter Gordy Open-Toe Pump | Butter Sandbar Peep-Toe Pump | Butter London Jaffa Nail Lacquer | eos Medicated Tangerine Lip Balm | Tangerine Butter Soap from Twisted River Soap | SPAresource Sweet Tangerine Body Butter | Tangerine Cupcakes with Tangerine Buttercream Frosting from Petite Cupcakes

I am usually not much of an orange fan (and I admit to being less than thrilled when I first saw this year's color), but the more I look at Tangerine Tango the more I find myself loving it! What do y'all think of it?

Super Fabulous News and Celebration Time!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

image via Alden Blair Events blog

I don’t often get too personal with my posts, but I know every now and then I make a comment or two about my husband and what’s currently happening in his life as a med student. I was so excited when he finally decided on his specialty, began applying for residency positions, and then started going on interviews.  I haven’t talked about it much, however, because I am one of those people who doesn’t want to jinx anything by getting too excited before it is set in stone. Not that I had a single doubt about him matching into his specialty in a program he really loved (and in a place that we were both excited about moving). Anyways - I can now happily say that the specialty he has decided to go into is opthalmology and we found out on Thursday that he matched into one of his top choices for a residency program!! I am so proud of him!

We are moving to Brooklyn! Although I must admit I’m sad to be leaving the South (unnecessary drama queen moment because I know we will eventually end up back here), I am really excited for all the possibilities Brooklyn has to offer! Oh - and did I mention that my sister lives in Manhattan!?! I am thrilled to live near her again! And just when I was starting to get quite bored with my current decorating schemes - I now get to start dreaming up ideas for our next place!

Be Back Soon

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jewelry Obsession: Elva Fields

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Top: Delightful Diversion
First Row (L to R): Metropolitan Magnificence, A Sparkle at Sea, Keeping Them Close
Middle Row (L to R): Best for Both, Winging it Wonderfully, Kindness is Customary
Bottom Row (L to R): Glamorous Intentions, Sparkle on Sister, Adventurous and Glittering

I am completely smitten with just about every Elva Fields necklace I see. Everything is beautifully unique and the vintage pieces used in the necklaces all feel like they have a story to tell (does that make any sense to anyone else?). I have kind of an obsession with using vintage brooches in my own jewelry so I was instantly drawn to these designs. Oh - and how cute/creative are the necklace names! I don't know about y'all but I have such a difficult time naming things (like artwork or even blog posts).

Not only is it worth checking out the beautiful necklaces (and earrings) on the Elva Fields website, but the about page is full of interesting info about the designer and her company. Even better - all the necklaces are 20% off right now (enter code HIPHIP at checkout) during their New Year's Sale!

Happy 2012 + Resolutions

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012! I hadn't intended to abandon my blog for the past two weeks, but between hubs and I being in Florida for the holidays and celebrating our second wedding anniversary (on December 27th) there just wasn't any time. Now we're back in Virginia and still trying to make ourselves completely unpack and get settled in to 2012. This year has some serious changes coming up for us. Nicholas will be graduating from medical school this Spring and it's very likely that we will be packing up and leaving Charlottesville in about 6 months! I'm usually not big on New Year's resolutions (I prefer to just make resolutions as I decide it's time to make a change), but for some reason this year seemed like a good time to make some.

I'm sure I will come up with tons of other 'resolutions' throughout the year (like maybe having an organized move!), but for now these seem like good changes to work towards. Some of them are a little embarrassing - like actually washing my face before bed instead of just brushing my teeth and deciding it's too much work to wash my face too. This is a terrible habit of mine that I'm sure my skin is none too happy about.  I'm sure I should have some sort of bedtime skincare routine, too. What is your nighttime face routine?

Another thing I've needed to work on for awhile now is responding to blog comments! I love getting and reading blog comments and always mean to respond to them but for whatever reason I end up not getting to it until it seems like too much time has gone by and then it would be stupid to respond! I am definitely going to remedy that one this year.

Do y'all make resolutions? What are yours?


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