Lilly Love: Maybell Dress

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How fabulous is this dress?! One of my favorite color combinations (it almost matches my blog!) and such cute details. The embroidery on the front is adorable and I love how it carries over onto the back. I'm not usually a huge fan of the peplum detail, but I think it's fun on this dress. I like that it doesn't go all the way around the waist in the front. Has anyone tried this dress on yet?

Color Crush: Mint Green

Friday, February 24, 2012

1. GOLDSIGN Jenny cropped high-rise skinny jeans 2. TOPSHOP Enamel Kite Studs 3. MODCLOTH Mint for You Dress 4. TOPSHOP Quilted Leather Corner Purse 5. TOPSHOP Enamel Segment Ring 6. TOPSHOP Vibrant Mint Ballet Pumps 7. ESSIE Mint Candy Apple Polish 8. TOPSHOP Nep Stripe Roll Back Tee 9. RAG & BONE Clement Scarf 10. MODCLOTH Have We Met? Dress

I am usually drawn to bright, vibrant green hues, but for spring I am obsessed with mint green. I love pastels. The pretty, less saturated colors just seem perfect for this time of year. They don't always play nicely with my super pale skin (especially light pink), but I definitely think I could wear mint green!  What do y'all think of all the mint green popping up this spring?

River Rock Earring DIY

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Earrings are one of my favorite things to DIY, but since I really only wear post earrings (or are they called studs?) I like to find unique items to use so they don't all look the same.  For some reason last week I was hit with a sudden inspiration to use little rocks from the stream in our backyard.  I love the organic shape of the rocks and it just struck me that now I will have a little piece of Virginia with me when we move to Brooklyn (it's cheesy, but I said it anyways).

These earrings were really simple to make.  I collected several little rocks (so I could play around with them and see which ones I liked together) and then just to be on the safe side I boiled them for 5 or 10 minutes. 

Once they were clean and dry I grabbed a couple scrap pieces of foam core to hold my earring backs in place.  A drop of Bead Fix (or probably any superglue would work) on each post then I put my rocks and place and let the glue dry.  You just set them on the glue - no need to press and hold them in place. 

I also made a pair in gold!  The only thing I did differently for these was to use a Krylon Gold Leaf Pen on the rocks before glueing them to the earring backs.

Case Art: Beautiful Iphone Cases from Society6

Thursday, February 16, 2012

top row:  Electric Haze | Inner Circle | Fleur
middle row:  Elegant White | Bellamey | Surprise
bottom row:  January | Sketchy Ikat | Joy

I've managed to finally push my lovely Kate Spade iphone case to it's limit. It has done a great job keeping my phone in one piece, but unfortunately my case is now in four (two more than it should be). Needless to say I need to find another case, but there are too many options out there and I can't make a decision. Especially since I recently discovered that the stunning art on Society6 can also be purchased as an iphone case! I could spend hours (ok, I did spend hours) perusing all the beautiful art on this site.

I need decision making help - Which one is your favorite?

Jewelry Obsession: Lauren Wimmer

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I've recently been introduced to the jewelry designs of Lauren Wimmer and I've got to say I am obsessed!  Seriously I had such a difficult time narrowing down my faves to just a few items to feature here that I was worried my image below would be too large.  She has a background in fine arts and takes inspiration from different periods of art.  Being equally in love with history, art, and jewelry I am head over heels for her designs!

1. Nerissa Necklace  2. Desdemona Bracelet  3. Sasha Necklace  4. Maureen Earrings  5. Mimi Wire Earrings  6. Gersemi Pendant  7. Ingrid Ring  8. Adele Bracelet  9. Daphne Bracelet  10. Mimi Post Earrings  11. Ingrid Ring  12. Jolie Post Earrings  13. Liana Bracelet  14. Odile Necklace  15. Vivian Necklace  16. Freya Ring  17. Mimi Post Earrings  18. Margo Necklace  19. Egg Drop Necklace  20. Dore Earrings  21. Frog Cuff  22. Calypso Necklace  23. Beatrice Earrings  24. Hedea Earrings  25. Anatola Bracelet

Lauren has three different collections: strung, wrapped, and cast. Her "Strung" collection of beaded jewelry features prominently with clusters of fresh water pearls and rock crystal clusters accented with semi precious stones, sterling silver, 14-karat gold, bone, wood, horn, and glass in unusual and variant colors and shapes. The "Wrapped" collection features hand-dyed silk ribbon wrapped around hollow tube rings to form bibs, chains, and convertible pieces. The "Cast" collection draws from the textures and palettes of overgrown gardens. (descriptions from her website)  


Monday, February 6, 2012

Bright: Turquoise Suede Foldover Clutch |  Milly Mina Ostrich Bag | ASOS Fliplock Envelope Clutch | Maje Nappa Leather Clutch
Girly: Emerald Green Silk Clutch | Lilly Pulitzer Opening Night Clutch | Nelle Silk Taffeta Bowtiful Bag | White Lace Clutch
Print + Pattern: Bagatelles & Co. Zigzag Lolie Envelope Clutch | ila Annie Clutch | Marni Printed Leather Clutch | Kate Spade Travel Edition Magazine Clutch

I love clutches.  They are such a fun way to add a different color or texture to an outfit without being overwhelming.  I hate changing purses and have a bad habit of carrying a bag large enough that I could probably sit in it, so I love being able to just transfer a couple things from my giant bag to a clutch if I'm dressing up or going somewhere that I don't need the various assortment of probably unnecessary things I usually carry with me.

I am completely OBSESSED with that lace covered green clutch!  It would have been perfect for my wedding (I didn't have a bag for my wedding because it seemed like something useless to carry around, but if I had seen that one I could have been convinced it was necessary).


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