Branching Out: Nature-Inspired Jewelry Holders

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One side effect of having a jewelry-making hobby is that I have tons of jewelry...which I then have to find places to store! I love jewelry trees and for people with a lack of surface space (like me!) I adore branch inspired wall hooks. Something about the organic look of branches paired with pretty, sparkling jewelry makes me want to never use a jewelry box again.

My current jewelry storage consists of a few wall hooks (I have #2 below), several bowls and dishes, two (or three?) jewelry boxes, and a couple of jewelry trees (ok - and there's also some more jewelry stored in my vanity). It looked pretty and well organized in Virginia, but since we've moved it's looking less organized and more like a cluttery mess.  Definitely time to rethink my jewelry storage - so I've gathered some inspiration.

1. HEART NOT INCLUDED Gold Painted Jewelry Tree | 2. URBAN OUTFITTERS Branch Hooks | 3. URBAN OUTFITTERS Little Birch Jewelry Stand | 4. ANTHROPOLOGIE Wish Tree Jewelry Holder | 5. SAN PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL Jewelry Tree and Nest Stand | 6. RIANRAE Manzanita Tree | 7. TARGET Jewelry Tree Display | 8. WEST ELM Cast Metal Jewelry Tree | 9. HEART NOT INCLUDED Red Jewelry Tree | 10. MANZALISA Manzanita Jewelry Tree Stand

DIY Trees can be found at Shades of Tangerine and Gadora Wilder

Have any of y'all ever made a DIY jewelry tree? I know obviously lots of people have done it, but the idea of bringing an actual stick into our bedroom kind of weirds me out (aka - what about the possibility of creepy, crawly bugs that live on my new stick?). I would love to hear any experience/opinions!

What do you do with your jewelry?


Thursday, July 26, 2012

I am in love with this painting by Joël Penkman. Not only is it beautiful (I love the colors), but it's a painting of candy!

Beachfront View Dress in Sunshine | Black & White | Green

When I came across these dresses at Modcloth they reminded me of candy and I thought about the painting. Maybe it's the colors, or the tiny stripes, or maybe the bows remind me of how the candy is wrapped and tied at the end.  Whatever the connection I am now craving old-fashioned candy sticks and pretty dresses with bows!

Color Combos: Red + Turquoise

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I've finally gotten to the point in our move that everything is put away (thanks to lots of help from my momma last week). Going from a 3 bedroom/3 bath home to a tiny 1 bedroom apartment is difficult! I was seriously overwhelmed with where to put everything and not have it look cluttered.

Anyways - now I can FINALLY think about decorating! We aren't painting our walls (really high ceilings + laziness) so I wanted a color scheme in the living room that would bring in lots of color. (As if not painting the walls is the reason I wanted to add lots of color. Right.) I'm not even sure what made me think of red and turquoise (since I've kind of been off red for a while), but I suddenly fell in love with these two colors together! Aren't they just so bright and cheerful?

image sources (from top left): HGTVToby Fairley | Tobi FairleyHouzz - Pulp Design Studios | Domino

image sources (from top left): HouzzHouzz | Massucco Warner Miller | Casa Sugar

What do y'all think of red + turquoise decor?

PS - I got my blog redesign uploaded yesterday - YAY!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How adorable is the Poe Cat?!

The last couple months have had a lot of changes for us and I've been thinking that it's time for a little change around here too. I am giving Not Without Heels a little makeover!  I had planned to have my makeover up and ready to go by Monday, but (obviously) it looks like I'm going to be fashionably late yet again (fingers crossed I will have my redesign up by Friday)! After the update I'm going to be blogging much more often and posting not only about style, but also about my constant stream of diy projects, our attempts at decorating our closet-sized apartment, and my adventures in Brooklyn. I'm excited to share more things here and hope y'all will follow along!


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