the furs

Meet the furs: the Poe Cat & Mason!

The Poe Cat and I came to Virginia as a package deal. He actually belonged to my random roommate during my last semester at college, but I fell in love with Poe the moment I met him. He's such a sweet kitty, yet he still has lots of attitude! Poe and I were definitely meant to be together.

Hubs and I recently adopted Mason from the SPCA (he was just 7 weeks old).

He's a lab-mix (no idea what he's mixed with) and one crazy little guy! Just like Poe, Nicholas and I fell in love with Mason as soon as we met him. Having a puppy is definitely draining, but so much fun!

Mason loves to play with Poe, but Poe Cat is not too sure about Mason. They are getting to like each other more every day though!


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